Tactical Disconnection: 

We all live in a near constant state of connectivity – yet, the challenges we face in the digital age are, ironically, as old as time. Tactical Disconnection is not about unplugging for good; it’s about strategies that we all can deploy to maximize our productivity, creativity, and longevity. In this interactive session, Tyler will show you how some of the greatest heroes – of both past and present – use ‘tactical’ disconnection to get ahead, and leave your employees inspired to follow in their footsteps. 

Cultivating a Healthier Feed: How Younger Employees Can Power Down to Power Up

As younger professionals struggle to manage the pressures of conducting their work & personal lives through digital devices, many are left feeling unconnected, unproductive and overwhelmed. For millennial and Gen Z employees, digital technology has been a constant daily presence. But with all its power and potential no two generations know better about its associated harms. Now as either new entrants into the workforce or established virtual or hybrid employees, leading a successful professional life requires a change in personal digital usage mindset. Tyler will share ways that younger individuals can “power down to power up,” and harness the incredible power that digital technology provides while mitigating its associated harms.



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