Digital Wellness Workplace Pulse Survey

The pressure of managing work and life in the digital era feels like a daily struggle. In fact, since 2020 the daily average screen time has increased 5 hours per person per day! While your organization is tracking burnout, NPS, and productivity, are you tracking how elevated rates of personal and professional screentime impact each dimension?

Together, let’s deploy and anonymous employee sentiment survey that integrates with your existing employee experience initiatives and measures the current state of digital well-being in the workplace. The survey assesses perceptions of the workplace digital culture, feelings of burnout or dissatisfaction, net promoter score, distraction and productivity loss, and hours spent on work devices.

After each assessment cycle, you’ll receive targeted insights and actionable workforce-level data – all while leveraging industry benchmarks to illustrate how your workforce stacks up to your peers.

Bring your employee pulse surveys into the 21st century. Get in touch today.

Digital Wellness Micro Learning and Employee Development Strategy

The shift to remote work and education has accelerated interest in optimizing digital habits. In fact, 83 percent of employees are looking to their employer to help them find better balance. The problem? Most employers don’t know where to start. I work with your learning and development team to introduce a custom and comprehensive e-learning strategy so you can gain a competitive advantage over others by having digitally-well employees who can fend off distraction and beat burnout. 



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